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Before you can enjoy your four-wheeler, you'll need some way to transport it to the trailhead. Using an ATV trailer is easy once you know the proper steps, which we discuss below. If you are looking to buy a four wheeler trailer, visit Trailer City. We offer a range of models for all budgets. Our dealership is located in Portland, Oregon.

Weight Distribution

Properly loading your four wheeler trailer involves ensuring the weight falls in the right areas. Aim for 60% of the total weight to be in the front hatch toward the hitch and 40% towards the back. You'll want about 10-20% of this overall weight to be as close to the hitch as possible. This setup keeps the trailer wheels steady on the ground to make for an easier towing experience. It also helps it avoid hugging one side of the road.

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MAXXD 83"X14 5K Single Axle ATV Trailer w/Brakes

MAXXD 83"X14 5K Single Axle ATV Trailer w/Brakes $3,155

5k AXLE WITH BRAKES. 4" CHANNEL WRAP TONGUE. EYE TO EYE SPRING SUSPENSION. RADIAL TIRES. TREATED WOOD FLOOR. 2K PIPE MOUNT SWIVEL JACK MAXXD Trailers ASX ASX8314 The ASX is our single axle ATV hauler. With its mid deck height design and the angled upper rails, this allows you to load your ATV sideways on a narrower than normal trailer. Standard GVWR is 2,990 lbs with a 3.5K Dexter idler axle. Available lengths are 10', 12', and 14'. This trailer can be loaded in multiple different configurations to haul up to three ATVs or one ATV and one UTV....

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  • MAX 062220
  • 14'
  • 83"
  • bumper
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